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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Keep on the Sunny Side

What a fun tune to play! I love the doublestops in this one, and while it’s not too hard to learn, it’s plenty enough to keep your attention!

Hi Banjo Ben
I’m not able to download the tef file from this lesson. Is that just me? I can for other lessons, but not this one.
Can you please have a look at that for me?


Worked fine for me Larry.

I just left clicked once and it downloaded.

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Works fine for me too @trevanfc1429. Here it is for download as well:

Man-KeepOnSunnySide.tef (4.0 KB)

Thanks Ben!

I’m having difficulties making the transition from measure 6 to measure 7. The last note on 6 has the index finger on the second fret of the A string, but I can’t seem to make the transition of the middle finger on the second fret of the E string to make the slide. Should I be planting the middle finger at the same time as the index? Thanks

Watching Ben, he will lift off and roll back his hand down just a touch to accommodate hitting the second fret with the second finger…it’s the same “roll” he uses for the slide just before that…just back the other way.

hint: (end of measure 6 ) when you lift off your third finger from the G note then during the open A start forming sort of a “chop chord” shape…so when you make the slide with your first finger, the second and third are already hovering nearly in position…then lift first finger at end of slide and roll hand back a touch to start new slide with fingers 2 & 3…

You might try isolating that movement…slowly…slide the second string first finger to the B, then so the next slide…repeat just that into it feels a little more comfortable.

Hope this makes sense…basically you have to get fingers 2 & 3 in position early, because it’s a fast move.

you can also slow down the video of Ben’s to watch his hand movement a bit easier.

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Thanks, FiddleWood, for a concise reply. Slowing down the “Slow” video really helped, too. I’m starting to get the hang of it!

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The trick for me is that I don’t hang on that 2nd fret very long. I want it to sound “bouncy” anyway, so after I play the 2nd fret with index I get in position for the doublestop slide. Hope that helps!

Ok, after spending a couple hours on this, I’m starting to get the hang of it. This is a hard one for me I gotta tell you! But I’ll keep at it. Stay on the sunny side, right?! Thanks


Take heart overcoming these little obstacles…it can all be done…it just take toil, time & patience.

In the same boat here…I’m on my fourth day of trying to get through a particularly difficult little two measure passage right now…I’m seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s still very dim :roll_eyes:


Four days later and it’s much less of a struggle so I moved onto the chorus. I’m confused with the timing around measures 24-27. I’m singing it to try and get it, but without luck so far. “…it will help us every day…”. Where does that fit?


Hi @marianandmark If your reading the TAB, the phrase …it will help us every day…” begins halfway through measure 25 going into the G chord… The words in this song kinda stretch to fit the notes example e-v-e-r-y – d-a-y

Measure 25 it will - measure 26 help us every - measure 27 day

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Thank you Archie. Okay, that makes sense, I guess it sounds funny when I am playing it super slow and it will sound fluid when I’m able to pick up speed. I’ll just keep plugging away at it. And sing it out loud as I continue to work on it. Thanks again!


Hi Marian, Just to say, all these tunes sound funny when played super slow. Things do begin to sound better once you get a handle on the mechanics. Once your brain is able to work out where to place your fingers, which strings to pick and where to find the sounds that create the melody.

I found TablEdit/TefView and the tef TAB files invaluable in learning to play the banjo. Reading the TAB on screen helped me locate the notes on the fret board, Hearing the TAB reassured me I was playing the right note at the right time. The software helped me to gradually build speed and gave me the self confidence to try more challenging tunes. I don’t play mandolin but I feel sure TablEdit would enhance your learning and playing skills.

Happy Picking


You’re so right. I isolated the phrase on Tef tab and now it really makes sense.
I do use tab but only occasionally use tef as the sound distracts me. I’ll just have to get over that.

BTW, several months ago I had my difficulties with “Will the Circle be Unbroken” but used tef. I would practice it from time to time, but hadn’t played it in a jam - until yesterday. About 80% of the tune instantly came back to me, and I did a fairly decent job on my lead. As I was all giggly inside afterwards, I just had to send a quick prayer of thanks to Banjo Ben and all who support the site. He/you all are a great influence making me strive to be a more proficient player!


Hi Marian The beauty of the TEF files coupled with @BanjoBen 's videos is your using all the best teaching methods combined. Audio Visual Education.