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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: June Apple

This tune is just flat out fun to play! It’s in the key of “A,” but it’s in the myxolodian mode which means there’s a little twist to the sound. I know you’re gonna love it!


Man, another good one! You’re on fire!

Do you think maybe you can spend some time in an upcoming CabinStream to talk about what this means? I’m only vaguely familiar with modes and have zero exposure for how to properly apply them.


Ben…regarding a turn-around on June Apple (mandolin): Where would you place it on the TAB sheet? At the end of measure 36?

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If you wanted to repeat the solo, you would play through the end of measure 34 then go right back to measure 3. Measures 35-38 are an ending written to sound like part of the song.