Discuss the Mandolin lesson: John Henry



We start down low, then go up high to get jiggy with Johnny Henry. We’ll also talk about how to fill up a solo with things other than a constant barrage of eighth notes!


Love it! That Northfield mandolin sounds AWESOME! Thanks Ben!


“I almost always have to oblige… if it’s legal.” Ha!

Nice arrangement!


Hey @BanjoBen, are you using some new lighting or high def or something? Man, that video looks nice, sharp, vivid, I don’t know, something’s improved. Looks great.

The arrangement is fantastic too.


Actually, I just reviewed the last three or four lessons, same quality. Just beautiful.


Good eye! I think he recently got some new cameras.


I think he also said he had ordered new lighting but it wouldn’t arrive in time for this weeks lesson.


Yep! I got two new cams and completely new lighting in the Cabin, all LED. I had been needing (read: wanting!) to upgrade for years but it is so expensive. I had been using the same cheap handycams and box lamps for 8 years. They served me well, but it was time to upgrade especially since I’m having more and more guests come into the Cabin to record.

I went with the Panasonic GH5 camera (have to get two of them), which record in 4K. The video files are massive now but they are much better quality. I’m also sending all my audio through my recording rig (even the lapel mics) rather than through the camera, so there should be a higher quality there as well (though it’s tough to tell with a phone).

Anyway, THANK YOU for noticing…makes my investment seem a bit more worth it :joy: :joy: :joy:


:astonished::astonished::astonished: Talk about an investment!


You’ve come a long way @BanjoBen. Very well done. Congrats and thanks.

Although there is a certain charm to the old living room or hotel room videos. We haven’t gotten any awkward rapping or overalls in a long while. The price of progress, I suppose.




Oh yeah, very worth it. Well done Ben :slight_smile: