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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Jingle Bells

This is simply a fun tune to play. It starts out in the key of G then modulates to C. There’s nothing too tough about it, but there are enough tricks to keep it interesting. Merry Christmas!

Hey Banjo Ben,
Love learning this! One little thing:
For the lick in bars 48, 49 & 50, after you show us what notes to play, it would be great if you could play the lick a little faster and then at full speed. When you only just show us the notes, it’s hard to to get the rhythm or feel of the lick. I then have to go the Lesson Preview to hear how its really supposed to sound and how the notes flow together.
You do this sometimes in your other videos and its really helpful.
I would ask if you could do this after every little lick in general.

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For sure, thanks! I appreciate the feedback. If you’re not using the .tef tab files, make sure to check those out as well.

Hi Ben,
The TEF file link must have unlinked. Can you check this please? Thanks!

Hi Nancy, Just checked with my computer using Internet Explorer and it works fine for me. How are you accessing the site and what browser are you using ?

The pages on the site tend to time out if you sit on them too long. Try refreshing the page and see if the link works then.

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