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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Jesus Loves Me

Two solos for this one, perhaps like you’ve never heard before! I love the melody of this classic song filled with simple truth.

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Another STUNNING and STELLAR arrangement.

I soooo like the contrast slow and fast. I remember the Banjo version… and can’t wait to get to playin’ on this gem.

It brings to mind… my suggestion to have a similar version of ‘Oh Shannendoah’… IF it is not copyright protected, that is.

Thank you Ben for another inspiring tune!

Alrighty then. I haven’t picked up my mando for about three months now. I guess I should get that thing out of its case.

Hi Ben, Loved the two solos…loved the sound of that mandolin. Is that one of the 2 new Northfields at the General Store ? Could you comment on it further? wide nut, woods, action, etc.

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Get after it Ms. Maggie!

Who am I to talk?.. I have been enchanted with my Mando and left my Banjer standing like a lonely, fortotten soldier.

Just take it as a gentle nudge of encouragement.

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@BanjoBen or Anyone Else,
I decided I would try and TAB my own version of this for guitar and I have some questions on how you came up with the chords for the song. I desperately want to learn to start doing this on my own. (Ignoring the chords for the slow solo for this discussion…) I started from scratch and just tried to figure out the chords without looking at your TAB. I came up with this, 1/1/1/1/4/4/4/1/1/1/1/1/4/1/5/1., and it sounds ok…Then I look back at your TAB for this song and I see that you did, 1/5/1/1/4/4/1/5/1/5/1/1/4/5/1. The two questions are:

  1. How would I know to use a 5 chord in place of my 1 chord in measures 2, 8, & 10?
  2. How would I know to replace my 4 chord in measure 5 with a 1 chord?
    My chords sound like they fit to me, but your chord selection sounds better. I’m just trying to figure out how to choose the best chords.
    Thanks for the help!
    Brandon C.

Thanks! Yep, just got this one in! I actually had it sent to Tennessee instead of the store in Missouri so I could make a couple videos with it. It’s a wide nut and one piece back, and I believe Engelmann spruce top. The Northfields arrive with a wonderful setup, but I slightly raised the action on this one to bring out a bit more bark, and can’t tell any difference in the playability…still awesome. It’s a special mando.

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It’s just taste about substitute chords. Your chords do work, but there are almost always more chords that can be substituted in to give it a different flavor. Since this song is kind of “vanilla,” I wanted some more movement in the chord structure. The reason I went with the 5 is because the melody of “me” in measure 2 is a note in the 5 chord, not in the 1 chord.

I’m a bit confused because I don’t have a 1 chord in measure 5. I have a 4 chord just like you.

Beautiful, clear tone, and sounds flawless!:+1:


Sorry I meant to say measure 7. I think I understand, to pick a substitute chord you simply choose a different chord by choosing a chord that has the melody note in it…If the melody note deviates from the original chord.

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Or, even and especially if the melody note has both chords in common…that’s when it gets fun!

Wow, nice. I don’t have time for this, but I’ll make it!

BTW, I love the magic button you hit off screen at (0:50) to make the band come in synched perfectly with you. That is power.

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Hi Ben! I’m a brand new member and am working diligently on learning this. Do you ever print lessons/songs in staff rather than tab? Thanks!

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I you’re using tabledit you should be able to view it as notation. Via::

file, options, multitrack, check “notation”, click “apply”


Howdy! Please check out this video I made:

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