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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Jamming in G

You’re so very welcome, @petetreault!

Correct, I’m just asking you to aim for that tonic when the chord changes, but the subsequent measures can be any note in the scale, actually. The point of this is to get you aiming for something intentionally–note that in real life you will not be necessarily aiming for the root.

I agree… having a blast using arpeggios to jam! Glued my Key of Bb arpeggios together and away I go! You’re a genius!

Great lesson. I’ll definitely be dedicating some time to this.

I’d love to see a video version of the jam track using the same type of chord overlays you used in the lessons. Basically, the included MP3’s, but with visual indicators like the 11 44 55 on the screen, and maybe the guitar players left hand for another cue and to help identify the chords as well? The jam tracks help, and just playing along with the lesson is great, but I find there’s a lot of cues you can pick up with your eyes as well as your ears. A couple minute long video designed to be looped and played along with would really fit my learning style.