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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Irish Washerwoman

Banjo Billy sent off a DNA sample and discovered his roots, leading to this collaboration with long-lost cousin Larry from Éire. We’ll learn both the melody and harmony parts to this cracker, so grab a mucker for a savage craic.

A big thanks to @Archie for the inspiration and cultural guidance in making this lesson. Y’all let me know how you like this one!

LMAO!! Oh, Billie and Larry… And a savage whaaa???

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I do declare it seems like Billy has been doing a lot of wood choppin’ and stackin’…maybe a few curls with the logs during breaks, too.

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Dang and I was gonna say something about Billy pumping some iron but thought I shouldnt go there…and yet someone beat me to it! The only other professional mando player to give you a run for your wood choppin money would be Alan Bibey who looks like he has been stackin that wood pile and then some.

Ah but back to the tune…oh wait , I better go back and listen now.

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Let’s get these family members down to the Banjo Ben General Store for some clothes that fit. No one should have to endure blurred video for mandolin lessons. That is a burdensome price when you spit coffee all over the laptop in the morning. Thanks @billie @larry.

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Hey Ben, just a quick question.
Is the MP3 called Mandolin Harmony supposed to have the mandolin Harmony in it to practice the melody along with it?
Thanks for your help!

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Hey @Archie, do you even play mandolin?

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It’s good to see Billy again! I’m not too sure Billy wants to be hangin round too much with that other feller… Thanks for always keeping it humorous Ben! Life’s too short for us to be serious all the time.


Hi Ben, the harmony part is missing the mandolin playing the harmony. Thanks for a great lesson, I’ll be all ready for St. Pat’s Day…I’m a Houlihan ya know…

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@dianetdavis, your question also. It is the original recording minus the melody, so yes, the harmony comes in for the 2nd solo. Check it out at 36 seconds in. Thanks!

No Mark I don’t play mando but I know a lot of Irish tunes and I used to get drunk a lot. Guinness what am I saying, I STILL get drunk a lot… So I have been spending a lot of time cultivating @BanjoBen 's persona. That Red Hair boy surely must have some Celtic blood running through his veins but when he is speaking he sounds like a Mexican. Do you think he might have some Mexican kinfolk too or could it just have something to do with all the spicy food he eats.

He is so full of surprises one never knows who will turn up in that cabin of his. Did I hear Dolly Parton’s voice in the background during that clip?

I don’t wish to start a massive panic but there was some lively comments posted over on @BanjoBen 's FB page. Seems all eyes weren’t on Larry’s Mandolin credentials. What do you suppose they were lookin at? Someone even had the audacity to ask Ben if his cousin Larry was wearing a kilt, How shocking is that?

Can you imagine the outcry if someone from this side of the big pond dared to ask an American what he wears under his baseball short’s. Just goes to show the Lassies over here know a thing or two about FIBER. You might want to tell @Jake to study this old UK educational commercial it’s all about selecting the right kind of FIBER. It also answers a burning question that many American visitors to Scotland and Ireland cant avoid asking.

WARNING What message you THINK this educational commercial is sending out is not necessarily what the film makers intended. It’s all down to your own imagination. If you have a week disposition, (easily lead) you may care to deflect your gaze (look away) at some point during the screening of this TV commercial .

Eh whit you on aboot? Don’t Look Cousin Larry it’s not for your eyes. Quick Banjo Billy tell them about the BIG X. Awe your too late Billy, they canny wait.


Just watched for the first time. Nice touch on the blur over the under side of the kilt. Keeps us all safe and feeling dignified.

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Do you ever discuss left hand fingering or include it in the tab? I found the walk down the A string in part B awfully tight. It looks like to bar the 3rd fret, but I can’t be sure.

I talk about it quite extensively in the corresponding video segment, yes, and it is a barre.

I am working on the b-part harmonies, and keep playing through them at half-speed. Every time I get to the end and B.Ben talks, he sounds like he and his cuz spent too long down the pub. I crack up every time.

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