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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: How to Finger Frets


Let us be e-finger-ficent in our playing.


Great lesson, Ben! This is now part of my daily warm-up. On the descending pattern, you use the open string instead of the adjacent string on 7. My question is, in general, are there times you prefer an open string to closed?


Thanks! I will mostly play open but just the closed position when I’m up the neck or needing to play a doublestop.


I am just a beginner, I am also a resent retired pastor. At 75 I decided to learn to play the mandolin, before I found you, I bought a book that taught me to use my pinky for the 5th fret, changing to a finger for every two frets is killing me, will I run into great problems if I don’t change??? by the way, I love your teaching, keep up the good work.


Howdy Brother @dmoore! I’m honored to have you here, and it’s NEVER too late to learn. I don’t think you will run into great problems, but it will take you longer to learn the things you’ll want to learn. I don’t know why the book would teach that, to be honest. Please check out more of my beginner videos and see how I play songs, mimic my fingerings.


Thank you my friend, I feel greatly favored to have found your teaching site!!!