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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: How Great Thou Art

Even though this is a slow tune, I have it in the advanced section because of the technique it requires to make it “pretty” and smooth. I’ve got the mandolin advanced solo tab as well as the tab for the basic melody. And, I also have the guitar backup tab. Finally, I have 2 mp3’s: one of the full performance and one with just the guitar (in case you wanna play it in church).

Hi Ben, I still haven’t got to spend a lot of time studying your lessons, but then that’s why I got the ‘lifetime’ membership, just can’t rush a good thing, right?! ha
Anyway, finally getting to check out your version of How Great Thou Art, I’ve always wanted to learn a really sweet version of this one, my Dad was often requested to sing it in church, so it’s sort of my memorial to him. I think he usually sang it in A or perhaps even Bb, but your version in G sounds really sweet so I’m going to commit to getting it down.

so far I notice some minor fingering variations I would do differently, but I’ll try your way before I stick my foot in my mouth with to many comments just yet,

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Awesome! Please keep me posted on how it goes, and feel free to rebel against my fingering laws! :wink:

Thanks a ton for all of these hymns! I’m using these at church and the people love to sing along. I’m still working on the “Pretty and smooth” part of this lesson, but it’s coming along thanks to you buddy! Keep up the great work.

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Great to hear, @brettmeador!

Could you please do a lesson for the guitar part of How Great Thou Art.

Your request is my command:

Also, the guitar backup played for this mandolin lesson is available in the tabs on the mandolin lesson page.

I meant a lesson for guitar part of the mandolin and guitar duet of How Great Thou Art.

I don’t have the lesson, but the tab is there for you.

at one time this was one of the songs that I would not even try to play but since finding this and your easy to read tabs and teaching has made this my now new favorite song just to get the mandolin out and run through and the scales and licks in it give me the practice that I most definately need. Especially after not playing mandolin or guitar for the last 5 years this is what I decided to come back with. LOL glad to be a gold pick member!!!

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Dear Ben,

What a beautiful arrangement!

I can already play all the way through it fairly smoothly, thanks to the meticulous tab and the accompanying lesson videos. Your lessons are spectacular and the arrangement is simply beautiful. I feel like I have found the mandolin’s best kept secret.

I also want to take a moment to thank you for your humble spirit.

Thank you again for all of your great work!!!

Paul Churchfield