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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: G Major Scale Study

We’ll break down a 1 octave, 2 octave, closed posistion, circular versions, and top it off with an incredible speed exercise to get you up the neck as well. Enjoy!

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Hi Ben,
My name is James from Madrid, Spain. I,ve been folowing you since a couple years ago.
I choose these lesson because i,m looking for studies, for mandolin or even violin!

I play in a Jam in Madrid, a very fun one. And i,m always looking for some training to manage my self better in the neck when it,s my turn.

I love the scale you do in the intro of the video!! but is not in the lesson.
Would be great to have studies like that, to understand better every scale in the upper neck.

Would it be possible to study that with you? that would be great!

Thnx you very mch!!