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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Finger Pressure

Finger pressure is important. Why? Because I said so.

You made a very good point with distorting the notes if you do not use the tip of your finger. What if you have to hold down 2 sets of strings? Do you barre that fret? I am a female and my finger strength is just ok. Just curious. Thanks!

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Welcome @sbeltz Stephanie! If your mandolin is set up well, you should be able to bridge the two string sets easily, depending on your finger size. I have fairly small (thin) fingers and can bridge (fret two string sets with one finger by flattening the end joint) fairly well. Hope this helps

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Sometimes you don’t need to, and sometimes you do. But like Gunnar says, a mandolin that is setup correctly will allow you to do that with just a bit of practice :wink: