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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Chinquapin Hunting– Build-a-Break & Harmony!

Season is open, and we’re on the prowl for some hot licks! Let’s also stalk out some harmony notes in this catchy fiddle tune, and capture a second solo to put on the wall!


What an absolute gem of a lesson! Chock-full of good stuff, and awesome sauce thrown in fer good measure. This is build on a great little melody and catchy B section, there is so much in here for me to practice on…

But… 2 Mandolin harmony? Now you are just plain showin’ off! :laughing: I am printing this lesson right - NOW! :+1: Thanks for your efforts on bringing us this one, @BanjoBen :facepunch:


So timely, Ben! I’ve been working on this basic tune for over a month and now wondering how I can flavor it up…you’ve given me the answer! And harmony?
It doesn’t get any better than this! Thanks so much!