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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Cherokee Shuffle

I’ve taught this song on banjo and guitar, then one of my members reminded me that I hadn’t taught it on mandolin! Shame on me! So, here’s a great intermediate version of this classic fiddle tune in the key of A. I know you’re gonna love it!

Line 14 (sliding from the G to the B) I still struggle with. I’m using the correct fingering and know where to stop, but I keep under or overshooting the ninth fret. When I do nail it, it’s easy to finish the phrase, so thankfully that’s not an issue. I’m just trying to get the muscle memory and will continue to work at it, but wondered if you had any helpful hints.

Also a struggle with line 11-12 getting the Triplett to work smoothly.
And line 31 is difficult, but that’s just a matter of working the stretch.
All in all, I like this version, and I’m thankful I already can play this tune, albeit a basic version. I’m a long way from speed and fluency (only about 40% on TEF tab) although I can get the 160bpm with my basic version.

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This is a TOUGH one, don’t forget! The 5 to 9 slide took me a long while to get “fluent” on, so don’t give up!


There’s that sliding up the neck… but heck, this looks like advanced intermediate… if there was such a thing.

I’m willing to give this a go, but it will be awhile… a long while, I’m sure…

…but sure is purdy nifty pickin’!

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