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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Black Mountain Rag in C

This ol’ tune is typically played in A, but very commonly in C. I have already taught it in A, and wanted to play in C to use that high E string like I do on guitar. Tons of fun!


I think there is something for everyone (with a mandolin) in that lesson. I think I will have a hard time waiting to slide.

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Another stellar lesson…

Can’t wait to dig into this one!

2019 is becoming an embarrassment of riches at for mandolin players!! Another treat to be enjoyed. :smiley:

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Y’all be sure to go to, haha

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I can’t understand what icon you are saying I can slow down Black Mountain Rag with. I don’t see any icons that look like a slow down on my screen.

Well duh - just figured out you said the “gear” icon and found it - I was originally looking at all the facebook, pininterest icons etc.
Love this song.


I’m a working guitar player and only use my mandolin on a few songs. This was a great tune and lots of fun to learn. I finally have a mandolin song instead of just playing guitar parts on it. Thanks, great website.


Welcome @guyguerra!

Glad you find the site helpful as we really think that the quality and value is unsurpassed.

Come back often!

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So I know somewhere down the line someone is going to want to play this song in A. Looking at the tab and listening to the video you had 7 years back - it did not have the great dynamics you composed for key of C. Will you be creating a new A version in the future or is there an recommendation to convert your key of C to Key of A,

Sure, I can create another one, thanks!


Thanks for posting. When we post and use this forum, everyone wins… so please come back and contribute often!