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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Big Sciota

This is an old song in the key of G that follows the typical fiddle tune form. I wrote the 1st A/B parts to be more basic, but then we’re gonna stretch on the 2nd A/B parts. Enjoy!

I know you can’t please everyone, but since I’m a customer, I will leave my thoughts on improving the lessons. Well, at least what would improve it for me. On your faster paced lessons, your preview is played at such a fast tempo that you can’t keep up. And when you break down the parts, and do the slow lesson , it’s so slow we lose the tempo of the tune. Don’t get me wrong, I am learning them, but at such a slower pace because I have to jump back and forth and back and forth. Knowing where to put your fingers is amazing, but when you can’t keep up to 240 bpm by ear and lose the tempo while watching the slow version at 50 bpm it’s frustrating. There, I said it lol. Anyhow, thanks for all you do.

Hi Sam, Sorry to hear you are having problems learning some of @BanjoBen 's faster tunes. You do realise that Big Sciota is an Advanced Lesson?

Are you using TefView/ TablEdit ? This is a great tool that banjo players use because you can adjust it to play the tef files to any speed and play along.

At the bottom of the lesson page you will find a slowed down video to play along with.

Also look to the bottom right side of the video you will see a small gear wheel click on that and you can adjust playback speed.

Finally there are a bunch of Mp3 backing tracks a various speeds for you practice and build speed


Awesome! I had no idea about the gear wheel! That is exactly what I needed. Thank you very much for that! I’ve been playing guitar forever and the mando is new to me. I have learned most of the advanced lessons, just takes me forever cause I lose rhythm with the tempo ugh, lol. Thanks again, God bless

Omg. Now im burning thru this lesson! Thank you again so much!


Yep, the gear wheel changes it all :wink: