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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Beaumont Rag

This is a great version of this parking lot favorite in the key of “C.” I especially like the B part, where we learn some really cool crosspicking licks that can be used in other songs as well!

Hi Banjo Ben Clark. First, thank you for your love of music and love of teaching! I think you are awesome and this really shows through. You are such an awesome and precise player…you are quite inspirational.

Hey, I do have a question though. I do not seem to be able to download the lessons to view off-line when I go my cabin. Does the lesson download (of the videos) work and are there any instructions? I click on the button but only get the hour glass and it say’s download in progress but this never seen to download anything.

Thanks again for ALL YOU DO!!! You’re just great Man.

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Thanks! You can store one lesson at a time in your browser’s cache file, though it must be an updated browser, preferably Chrome. To access it, you must not have internet signal. Please check out this video demonstrating the process:

Thanks Ben for posting this nice version and its great that you post TEF files. In my local Jam scene people generally do this in D but TablEdit’s transpose feature handled it well :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Peter!

Welcome to the forum!


This is… AWESOME. This is above my current ability level but I really want to learn this. Then again, maybe it isn’t ever to early to start. All I know, it sounds so cool - on mandolin and Banjo :banjo: !

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