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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Bag O' Licks in E

Let’s learn 6 E licks, and 2 licks each in A, B, and C# minor. But first, let’s overview the scales in E to see where licks come from so that you’re able to create more yourself!

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Really using these BOL
In fact as I’m using your lessons I’m beginning to get a Bag O’ Ideas, Comments and Questions… BOICQ??? But I usually don’t take the time, But for now just wanted to throw out a Thank you for such a great resource here Ben.

By the way you might check the pick stroke arrow on E#5 lick last note measure 10 and 42

I might share one point in regard to pick stroke and in relation to fingering and slides -
in my earlier learning curve years I came to conclusion that it was best for me to commit to the habit of the general rule - first two frets belong to index finger, frets 3 and 4 to middle finger, frets 5 and 6 to ring finger … and so on.
So whenever i’d make decisions of how to finger certain phrases / licks I’d apply the rule.
(before I made that commitment it was hard for me to remember which licks I was going to apply the rule and which ones I’d use different fingering.)
I talked to one virtuoso instructor about this some years ago, he told me he doesn’t even think about fingering anymore, which kind of floored me at the time, but I came to understand where he was coming from. However I’ve also studied some Jethro Burns he claims he gave some thought to fingering.
Im glad I got to a point where I didnt have to “think” about fingering so much when it just got to be a habit to finger certain ways.
But one example here in this lesson is A#1 lick, for me I had gotten myself into such a habit that I just slid the C# to C with middle finger then lay down index finger picked the B, Then when I looked a little closer at your tab at first I thought you had a typo, but then realized your way of playing it was in fact as written, you pick the C# and lay index finger down (on the 3rd fret! you broke the rules! :slight_smile: pick the C then slide index to fret2… and it does sound different! It’s a slight difference but different, and good!
Point being -
It’s good to develop habits like fingering and pick stroke rules so you can stop ‘thinking’ and just play,
Then, once to you think you have them down pat…Break them whenever you want ! Especially if it sounds good!
Thanks again Ben,
Hope I didn’t ramble to much

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