Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Bag O' Licks in D



The supper bell is ringin’…y’all come on in for a big plate of “Licks in D” for the ol’ mando…that was good!


I know this is an old lesson, but new to me! My question; could you give examples of lick usage in several tunes? Might help me integrate the concept faster. When I find myself in a jam I blank out trying to place the lick in the song.

Thanks, so glad I’m a gold member!


Sure! A great example would be at the end of many progressions in the key of G. Many times are are two measures of D before it resolves back to the G. Examples would be Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Shuckin’ The Corn, the 2 measures of D in Wreck of the Ol’ 97, and more!


Hey Banjo Ben! Loving the site, but you are right about this video needing to be remade. I’m new to the community, so when I got to this lesson with NO TABS on , it felt it bit like driving without GPS. Can you re-edit to include the tabs on screen?


Thanks! I don’t even have the footage from this lesson, so it’ll have to be redone completely…not a bad idea, though!