Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Angeline the Baker Build-a-Break



I’ve got two breaks for classic fiddle tune in D. The first is a basic, low break that sticks really close to the melody. The second takes the melody up an octave adding triplets and up-the-neck tricks! I have the banjo and mandolin soloed at full speed in case you wanna play a duet with me!


Love the versions. I do like to try to learn by ear. I really appreciate when you record just a solo with no rhythm. You do that on some lessons, but not all of them.


One of the challenges for me playing this break is to silence the open D string when I’m cross picking – to keep it from ringing out. Assume you are using your thumb to do this – not the palm?


Actually, I don’t want it to be silenced. I like for it to ring out and create a drone effect. I’m not touching the strings at all with my picking (right) hand.