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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Alternate Mandolin Rhythm–Key of G

We’re familiar with the 4-finger mandolin chop, but is there another way to play rhythm? There is, and we’re gonna learn all about the technique, theory, and application in the key of G!


Needed this one. Really good and useful lesson!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great news! THANK YOU BEN!!
This will help alot of folks! :+1:t2:
It also means I’m now legal to play this a way! :rofl::grin:
It’s funny now, but I have been questioned by the BG police… :thinking::grin::rofl:
Partial chords is all I play for backup.

In case some Mandolin Folk didnt see this (it was originally posted under Banjo - I was backing up @Severin 's Banjo post), here’s a link that shows partial chops in action. It’s not as clean as it should be, & I think I’m going to try & tweak my method for dampening fingers (like Ben does). In this vid I mixed up chops & more open chords to get the end sound I wanted. Conveniently, it’s also in key of G (like this lesson) but there is one A chord in there. Hope this helps to show how I get by not doing big chops…


I really really like this approach. That explains some things I have heard that I didn’t know what they were doing. Thanks!

BTW, that origin looks cool and sounds good as well.


Now that I’ve been watching and practicing this lesson for a couple of weeks. I must say that it is one of the best mando lessons altogether and great at helping establish a good foundation. For those of you who haven’t looked yet, check it out. I guarantee it will be worth some quality time.