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Scales are really lonely and simply want to be loved. Do you have it in your heart to let them in?

Im confused with octaves. Is the next octave at the 12th note or is it at every seventh note. If you were playing in the key of G would the melody and fill in be in the G scale.
Thanks Stan

An octave spans 12 notes if you count every note between the same note at different octaves. For example:

C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C

If you’re counting by notes in the major scale, there are 7 notes, starting over on the 8th note.


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This was the _best_explanation of scales I’ve ever heard! I’ve literally had my eyes glaze over with all other explanations. Showing what you meant on the keyboard really helped. And reminding me that being on the 7th fret is the same as the next open string was a real help!

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Hoping this helps explain even more… each of the 12 notes in the scale that contains all the five “#” symbols (called the Chromatic scale) is the same as striking all the piano BLACK & WHITE keys - as each piano key is a half-step apart from the other.

Moving 12 half steps (called semi-tones) to the next octave is what Chromatic actually means.

Start on any note… hit every BLACK & WHITE piano key 12 times (either direction, going up or down)… and you will arrive at the same note - an octave apart from the starting note.

Hope that helps!

“I feel like I’m teaching my little girl how to play the piano” :rofl: I feel like I’m learning piano!

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