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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: A Major Scale Study

It’s lessons like this that I wish I had years ago. We’re going to learn most everything there is to know about an “A Major” scale, then throw in some speed exercises to get the blood pumping!

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Thank you for these lessons!!! I’ve been playing guitar for 38 yrs, learned by ear or copying someone else…music theory was so boring I never got through it after many attempts. Your videos answer a ton of questions and hope it gets me for mediocre to BaddAss in short order… Thanks again and please don’t stop lessons. You Da Man!

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Great lessons, Ben!! Thanks!

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My pinkie has a life of its own and flies up and away doing these exercises. Any secrets to getting the pinkie under control?

A very common problem.

go very slow and concentrate on position of fingers while not on strings.

try not to lift any finger farther from the fingerboard than necessary to get a clear open note…they should hover just above the strings if possible.

It takes some time, but you can eventually train yourself to keep fingers all at a ready position to play when needed.