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Discuss the lesson: Intro to Music Theory Part 1- Notes, Timing, Counting, & More!

Meet Mr. G who will teach you all you need to know to get going on this theory stuff.

Even at this very simple level it would be very helpful to actually hear what the sample measures sounded like timing wise, even without the associated tones.

I’m having so much trouble with timing need help

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Welcome to the forum!
What part of timing are you not getting?


Hi Patty! Welcome to the board!

What kind of trouble are you having? If you can describe it, that would be good. If you could post a video to show the trouble you’re having, that’d be even better.


I just wentthrough the music theory lessons. Interesting. Carrying it one step further, it would be nice to see how the major and minor chords are applied to the neck of, which for me is, the banjo.


Hi Richard welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum. As you work through the Beginners learning path, The Major & Minor chords on the banjo are explained in detail.