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Discuss the lesson: Down to the River to Pray

I had never really played this song, but the other day I just sat down and these solos just came out. We’ll learn four mandolin solos in singable D that work well in a band situation or solo. Enjoy!


Thank you, thank you! I’ve been hoping you would teach this one. My big plans for the weekend have changed for the better. :sunglasses:


Very nice arrangement!

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Don’t you think the 2/4 is at the first three notes of measure 8, 17, and last two notes of measure 18. that’s when you do that “backstep” and kick in anew the location of the chord changes reflect this as well … the place where you have the on 2/4 time doesn’t seem to change the flow at that point. but the flow is stuttered at those other three points when i count it off that way the timing seems to make sense better. I don’t know. I’m just trying to get the feel of it.

Ok I think what I’m trying to say is simply there are three places where what would be a normal 4 count pause between melody/ lyric lines is cut in half to start the beginning of the next 4/4 measure early that’s where a 2/4 measure is inserted. It diesnt change what you have tabbed, just the layout of the measures.

I thought about this and arrived with the 2/4 measure where I have it after playing/counting it for a while. I decided to keep all the measures 4/4 in the chorus for simplicity, though I’d agree there are probably two 2/4 measures there. I also agree that you could change it without consequence to the tabbed notes. Thanks for the feedback!

Is the no Mandolin back-up track designed for just two of the 4 solos?

Yep, since the arrangement is so custom, it’s the same backup I used for the performance but without the mandolin. Thanks!

Thank you Banjo Ben for that slow down button! :slight_smile:
I’m so excited that i might actually be able to play this beautiful arrangement!

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