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Discuss the lesson: Blank Tabs

Have your hand at these blank tab sheets!


FINALLY a lesson I could complete at full speed!



I don’t see the PDF file for guitar, but I do see the “tef” file. Just wanted you to know. Thanks for the awesome website.

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Interesting…let me look into that. In the meantime here is the file:

GuitarBlankTab.pdf (42.0 KB)

kicks me offline…blank page

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Yep, working on it.

Wish you would give us a video tutorial on how to use tabledit!!

There are several on youtube

Here you go.

Also check out this link there is a ton tutorials


Ya know, that second video was great! I always thought of tablature as a crutch, and thought, I need to stop using this and learn to play by the notation. But, I never thought of it the way @BanjoBen explained it. There are so many ways to get the same note on a banjo, guitar, etc. and the notation doesn’t tell you where the most efficient place is, to get that particular pitch.

Great video!!!