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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Wray Rhythm- Color Chords

The “slow” video includes the tabs and JamTracks for this one! The incomparable Tony Wray drops by the Cabin once again to show us ways to spice up our G position chords! This one is a blast!


Yay! Just watched the intro, but for anyone throwing in an Em2, I like the smell of that. Should be good!

Love the videos Ben. By the way what are the condenser mikes you are using. Appears to be a SHURE condenser >> wouldn’t happen to know the number?? (I’m only asking because I am starting to record myself and want to know what the pros are using!!)

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For shure! Surprisingly, those are actually not condensers. Those are Shure SM-7B. Awesome mics (I have one with years of abuse and it keeps ticking). However, Ben uses cloudlifters on them, and that reportedly makes then much more sensitive like a condenser. If you are looking specifically for a condeser for instruments, in the past he has used (and liked) SM-81s.

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Great lesson. Would have been nice to see tabs and more discussion of his runs!

We covered most all that in the first lesson on Wray Rhythm found here:

Be sure to check out the rhythm wruns lesson found here:

What’s interesting to me is that the pass from Am7 to D resolving to the G (in the D to G section) is a 2-5-1 transition, which is the bread and butter of jazz. Interesting to see that application here.

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