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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Whiskey Before Breakfast

This is perhaps the prettiest and catchiest of all fiddle tune melodies, and it’s a blast to figure out different ways to express that melody. Tighten up your belt, fasten your chin strap, and stretch out them fingers to take on this advanced version of this classic tune!
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Hey Ben, why did you shorten the preview? I liked the little discussion before you break into the song. It’s cut off too early now…

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I’m trying to make the site more uniform so that folks can hear what they’re going to learn right away. Don’t worry…more antics to come :slight_smile:

I get and error message when clicking on the TABS link.

Hey @NoMan! Welcome to the board.

I just checked every one of them and they worked fine. Sometimes that happens if you’ve sat on a page for too long. Try refreshing the page and see if they work for you then.

Hey Banjo Ben! I was wondering if you could do a little lesson on how to play back up for this song.
I’d love to play it the way you do.


Howdy @heesman! You need to check out this lesson where we talk about it:

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