Discuss the Guitar lesson: Whiskey Before Breakfast- Flat 3rd Tone Study



This is a favorite fiddle tune of many Baptists. The only time they won’t pick it is when other Baptists are around. We spend some time on theory learning how to manipulate the flat 3rd tone which will help us in our improvisation and solo-building!


Hi Ben, beautiful! I’ve gone through the tabs and it reminds me of your lessons “Arkansas Traveller” and “Forked Deer” in some parts, both of which are in D-major as well. So this is a good expansion of repertoire and I’ll work on it. Thanks!


Ben, I think the beauty of this whole lesson is to some how keep yourself from “sliding” or “hammering on”
the Flat 3rd. I make out just fine playing through slowly but when you get up to speed…finger twister indeed!


It’s okay to slide or hammer into those, and I usually do. I didn’t have folks do it here because I wanted to concentrate on one skill at a time.


Hey Ben great lesson now I have a 3rd way to play this great tune, not sure did you do one for the Mandolin already? If not would be a great one as well so I’d then have a 2nd version to wow myself with.
Oh and by the way us Methodist really love this tune as well and is a big hit at any dinner and as you know nothing is more important to us Methodist than our meals other than God.
Many blessings to you & yours and thanks for all the work you put into these lessons


Thanks! Yes, if you look at the bottom left of the video screen you see the other instruments I’ve taught this series for:

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