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Discuss the Guitar lesson: What Child is This (Greensleeves)

Though this tune is traditionally a waltz, this particular version is built in 4/4 time and jazzed up a bit. It’s in the key of E minor, and features lots of blues notes as well as an “up the neck” version of the chorus.

I started learning this song last Christmas…not quite up to full speed but pretty close.
I try to copy the backing rhythm and noticed that you play 2 slightly different versions on the 3 and 4 speeds.
Could you possibly give a chord change lesson for this song (specially with the bass notes that you add).

No need for a rhythm lesson, I just slow down the video to half speed and the chord changes along with the bass notes you play are in plain view.
I see you can really get more out of these lessons than intended.

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Sorry for a delayed reply! I had it in my notes to get back with you.