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Discuss the Guitar lesson: What a Friend We Have in Jesus

I love taking hymns and putting my own spin on them, and this old standard allows us a chance to dance around the melody with some delicious syncopations!


Really nice use of that F# bass note. One simple thing that adds so much flavor!

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Yay! I’ll have to learn this one pretty soon, it’s now next on my list!

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Reserved and tasty. I like both parts. Well done!

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Ben, nice spin in a good way! Beautiful hymn and beautiful arrangement. I can’t wait to work on this.

Just thought of sharing with you guys a Tamil version/rendering of this song…


Yeah I also noticed the note the stood out, cool, gotto be the same note you mention, will know when I try it out!

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Thanks again for a terrific gospel arrangement. It will sound great in church as well as around the camp fire.


Hey Ben,

I really liked the guitar arrangement and the duet with the mandolin. Would it be asking too much to create a lesson with tab and instruction for the mandolin parts?? I really love duets that you have posted for gospel tunes. (I think they like them up in heaven as well, but maybe a bit presumptuous to speak on their behalf!)

Keep up the good work,


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@mark2, you may already be aware, if not, the mando tabs are already there in the TEF file under tab 2. You will need the free TEF viewer to check it out.


Thanks for the information>> I did not know that but the TEF file is very helpful! Very pretty arrangement of guitar and mandolin.

I did not try TEF file until Mark_Rocka’s tips on how to best utilize Ben’s materials (without TEF my progress would have been only half of where I am now as it allows you to slow down or vary the tempo easily for practicing) and also did not know the hidden tabs under TEF until Mike_R’s help. I’m just passing it on.

I’ve just finished this lesson, now to practice it “1000 times” as per Earl’s instruction. this is a really tasty arrangement, I’m gonna enjoy playing it. Then I see that the mandolin part just came out… guess what I’m doing after I learn lrb on banjo?

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