Discuss the Guitar lesson: The Wray Wrhythm Wrun



Tony Wray is the nicest guy on the planet, but his rhythm guitar playing will punch you straight in the gut. Let me teach you a classic Wray Wrhythm Wrun that is sure to turn heads and advance your rhythm playing!


Love the banjo backup :heart_eyes:


Thanks, and it’s tabbed how I played it.


I’m getting some questions about the banjo and mando solos. I’ve taught those solos (or really close to them) already on the site. Just visit the banjo and mandolin pages and search for nine pound hammer.

Also, the solos are in the .tef tab file here on the Wray Wrun lesson page, exactly as I played them (even the banjo backup!). Yes, I love y’all, and that’s why I go through the trouble :smile: If you don’t know how to use the .tef files, put down your bologna sandwich and watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzS9NxVuNbg


That Eastman (?) guitar looks and sounds great! This lesson is gonna be fun. :smiley:


Thanks! Yep, that guitar is KILLER! Both @Jake and I have one as a personal guitar. You can find it here. Also, the mandolin is great as well, the Eastman MD515…I don’t know how you can hardly beat it for $1,000.


You’re too good to us, brother. I really appreciate the extra time you put in to tabbing out those additional parts. I will definitely be learning the banjo part in the very near future. Who knew you’d get so many banjo questions from a guitar lesson? :stuck_out_tongue:


Y’all let me know your progress on this one! I have a lot of fun playing along with the progression and finding different places to inject the Wray Wrun.


This is awesome! I’ve been messing with G runs and climbs but to see examples and reminders of when (and when not to) use them is wonderful. As always: thanks for this!


You’re welcome! I’ve had a lot of fun with this lick already.


Just checked out the TAB. Love how you put it together :heart_eyes:


Wow, I’m in! This run is so addictive, I really need to hold back on putting it in every space.


Hahaha! That is the temptation!


Fantastic Ben, You’re great. Thank you so much!


Killer lick… Tension and release… Love it