Discuss the Guitar lesson: The Star Spangled Banner



Oh say, can you play this one? Here’s a great guitar version that is not too difficult to learn and robust enough for any performance! We’ll do some hybrid picking, then eat some apple pie and root for the Rangers. God bless America.


LOL! You said “Rangers” :stuck_out_tongue:


Ben, Are you messin with my mind by only using downstrokes? It took some time to get alternating picking down, and now my hands don’t want to do just downstokes anymore. Great arraignment of this song though. It is a little difficult for me with the hybrid picking.


You can do upstrokes on this whenever you want and are able!


What a nice arrangement!! I love playing this, Ben. Perfect for a big sonorous dreadnought.



Hi Ben, please can you do this for the banjo? Would be well cool, and that comes from an Englishman


I think it’s on the list, probably going to be sometime close before 4th july next year