Discuss the Guitar lesson: The Old Rugged Cross– Fingerstyle



This is one of the first songs I ever remember learning to sing, and I need its message more every day! I cling to the old rugged cross! I hope you enjoy these two fingerstyle guitar solos in the key of C.


Awesome Ben! I’m gonna tackle this one soon. My goal is to play it like you and sing it like Allen Jackson.:grin:


I can’t wait Brandon


They say to sound your best you have to own it. In this case, that’s literally true.

“Own a hill far away…” :laughing:


Also, I’m glad that you are bold enough to talk about your faith in Jesus on your website. We don’t see that enough these days.


What model is the guitar. Good job BTW


with my hands getting worse by the day I fear I will have to tackle this one with my Strat .
I did read Isiah 53 it helped me thru another day . thank you for teaching us all a noble profession . 700 years before, all I can say is wow! "the old rugged cross is my favorite and the second is “Swing wide the gate” done with no music.


Isaiah 53 has converted many a non believer. I LOVE IT. And then read Psalm 22 immediately after. If you are not bawling uncontrollably after, you’re not human.

Prayers to you Ken…I hope we all take the ride up together.


Thanks! That’s a limited edition D28 75th Anniversary with Madagascar rosewood and adirondack top. I love it!


I haven’t used the forum before. It is great, I’ll definitely be checking it out from now on. This song has always had a special meaning to me, because it was my Dad’s favorite. When he joined the Army in 43, I was 7 years old and my Mom and I took a bus to where he was in basic training in Texas (Camp Walters) by Mineral Wells. He met us at the bus station and I had learned that song for him before we went. I couldn’t wait to sing it for him, which I did right there at the bus station. We lived in Mineral Wells the rest of the time he was there, guess where. At the Buckhead Hotel on the weekends and at the home of people where my Mom worked as a babysitter and housekeeper during the week. They had a jewelry store in Fort Worth and had 3 children, two my age, we had lots of fun together. I also went to school there. Lots of memories. Visiting Camp Walters, sitting on a blanket with my folks, while watching the soldiers march until they played taps. Also going to the USO. Well, I’ve probably written too much for a response, just wanted to share. As you know I’m an accordion player trying to learn the banjo, but I do plunk on the guitar, so this inspired me. I will be learning this on the guitar. Thank you. Sharie P.S. Is the Buckhead Hotel still there?


Ben, you’re the Best on the Planet! What a fantastic arrangement, thank you great master of the ropes!


Wow! Thank you SO much for this wonderful story!


That’s a great story! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks so much Ben for adding this very special Hymn just in time for Easter. I love it!!


Thanks BB!!! You da man!!! Great arrangement!!!
Isaiah 53 IS incredible!!!


I read Isaiah 53 as you suggested and also Psalm 22 as Treblemaker suggested. Pretty amazing. I’ll be sharing that
with others.
Thanks again.


I love this arrangement… I’ve been working at it for a few hours now. It sounded so complicated on the performance, but it is actually one of the easier fingerstyle pieces I’ve attempted.
Thanks a lot for you’re work, Ben.
Great song, great message… we all need to cherish the “Old Rugged Cross” a little more.


Yes, it’s nice not to have to barre an F chord.:+1:


My thoughts exactly. :wink:


Very nice. Gonna learn this to play at church in two weeks.

Ben, how about a Mando version? You got a shout out from 5 years ago that you had one, but I can’t find it:

I may have to figure it out myself, :).