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This is an old fiddle tune in the key of G that is lots of fun to play! This is a very basic version of the tune and a great one for anyone to tackle!

I really like this tune - it feels like what I should be learning as a beginner flatpicker. Picking up on your mandolin email from this week, however, what is the mental secret of a “barrage of eighth notes”? Or is it just plain physical practice? I feel like there is a door to be opened and, once I do, any tune on any instrument will be instantly accessible. Perhaps this is a music theory question. I, too, play the piano and read sheet music.

Is the second note of measure 16 supposed to be played on the “a” string like the tab says? Or is it supposed to be on the e string?

first, the second string on guitar is the B string.

for your question: in the video Ben plays the open first string on the second note in both measures 12 and 16…but the TAB indicates using the second string open.

Going with the usual melody of the tune I’m gonna say go with the video and use the open E for that note.

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I am a beginner at guitar and flat picking.

The highest pitch open E is on the first string, nearest your feet, as you hold the guitar. The second string open. is a B note and is played open as the second note of measure 12 and 16 intended to be a variation to spice up the A part of this fiddle tune the second time through.

I’ve had to flip the tab upside down in my mind to apply it to the fretboard but it’s starting to make sense.
Don’t flip the pick directional arrows under the tab, though. A down arrow under the note is an actual down stroke toward your toes.
Hope this helps you.

The A string (5th string) doesn’t get much use on this tune.

Good luck.

Good catch! I have the open 2nd string in the tab, but played the 1st string in the performance. Welp, this will make my wife happy…she always says I’m not perfect, hahaha!