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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Swing Chords- 6th/7th/Minor/Diminished

Katy Lou drops by the Cabin to teach us some vital swing chord shapes. We’ll learn two each of 6th & 7th chords, then a minor and diminished shape. Finally, we’ll apply it to Faded Love in D. Ahaaaa…

This was perfect for getting into this style. Much appreciated taking the time on this!

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Can you post your mandolin part for Faded Love, too?

I’ll put it on the list, thanks!

Do you have any other tunes with swing chords on guitar?


HI! Welcome to the Forum.

You can use the menu on the left of the lesson page to filter for things like that, just like you can for instrument or skill level…just scroll down farther and look through the “collection” or “Tag” lists to se if there is something there.
Below is the link for the filter “swing” under “tags”;tags:swing


Thanks for the question and bumping this thread. The swing chord material covered in this lesson is everything Katy explained to me at camp plus some. This is way better organized than my notes.