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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Silent Night in D

Let’s do this one in drop D tuning! I did my best to follow the incredible melody in this fingerpicked version, while adding some cool substitute chords to give it a little flare. This one is sure to be a favorite around the fireplace this Christmas season!

Guess I’ll start this talk and take a break from this really well done arrangement. I’ve played fingerpicking guitar longer than Ben is old, and can read some notation and most tab. After spending most of the past ten years learning Scrugg’s, I am moving back more and more towards guitar. Figured I’d go traditional some, and have a few Christmas Carols ready for next Christmas. When I first heard Ben’s take on Silent Night, I noticed a very balanced melody with just “enough stuff” to stand out. I just got a fine guitar and wanted some challenges. Well, welcome to some challenges, fingerstyle guys and gals! I found by tuning down my guitar a whole step eased up the string tension. A Thalia Capo at the second fret; this being Feburary I ought to have this down and easy by next Christmas! I can do a fair job of this song in open tunings etc. yet to my ear, this is the best out there for; intermediate, determined beginner, advanced etc. Well done Ben…


Wow, thanks so much!

Ben’ coming back again and again, maybe fifty times and made some great headway. Excellent arrangement even after the hundredth time listening through. I’ve got it down where I can play along the" slow play through"; what brand and gauge of strings are you using here? Christmas seems coming quick this year…

It’s coming soon! Those are probably medium Elixirs on the McPherson :wink:

Well, yeah ok; I got the Elixers Med and still impressed after a few weeks of playing around. How the time flies! Should have measures sixteen through twenty six down by next Christmas.
Lord willing and the river don’t rise…(i )=====’==::}