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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Salt Creek- Melody Solo

There’s lots of places to be, but up Salt Creek without a paddle ain’t a good one. Let’s learn the bare bones melody of this classic fiddle tune that will prepare you to navigate the rapids later on.


That happens to be the one I am studying now it is a good tune with a good jig bounce to it .I may not get to the 200 beats but I figure about 160 to 170 would be plenty fast for me. Getting the feel to tune and am making progress,.

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Hello, I just signed up last week & have been working on Salt Creek, using the 120bpm trying to get in time & play the melody. I keep getting lost during the track & wonder if it is meant to repeat 3 times? AA BB, AA BB, AA BB, ending?

Welcome to the site! I don’t have have a 120BPM track in particular, but yes that is the form. It is the same as the guitar solo track but slowed down. Thanks!

whoops, its 150bpm on Salt Creek, not 120. I’m also working on Arkansas Traveler & it has a 120bpm track & had them mixed up. I try to whistle or hum the melody to the rhythm tracks before I play to get the timing down…but still get lost, but getting better. I have to admit I have not gone through the rhythm lesson & am hoping that will help me with my timing on the melody & playing with the tracks. Any thoughts on the timing & how to improve timing?

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Best way to get the melody in your head is to put headphones on and just listen to the mp3 tracks over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Use TablEdit/TefVeiw to help you get the timing right and build speed in small increments.

Patience, Practice and Perseverance is the Key to learning guitar/banjo and mandolin. There are NO shortcuts.

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Yes, @Archie has some really good advice here, precisely what I was going to say. Listen to my solo MP3 quite a bit, use TablEdit/TefView to listen to the solo slowed way down and practice timing, and keep at it!

Thank you Both. I appreciate the quick responses and ideas. Great website & tools to help me learn, thanks.

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