Discuss the Guitar lesson: Playing in Open E with Jed Clark



It’s not the Jed Clark doesn’t like capos…he just forgets to use them quite often. We’ll learn more about Jed’s approach to playing guitar without a capo, particularly crosspicking and rhythm in the key of E.


Fantastic session. This is like having a master class (that even a modestly skilled player can aspire to.). I did not know Jed Clark and am happy to see he is a very nice and talented young man like Ben. I’m at work and can’t jump in right now; it’s killing me!


He is an incredible picker, and you should consider buying his latest album: https://store.banjobenclark.com/products/432sessionscd


That will be done. Today. (1:28 pm – Done; looking forward to listening to the CD! n.b. CD arrived; Jed, his brother and the boys can play. My goodness, can they play!)


Interesting lesson


Don’t get me wrong, Jed is on a whole different level than I, but I “think” a fair amount like he does. The whole section on crosspicking where he was discussing the A chord variants (I call them drone chords), I felt right at home. That is where I spend a bunch of time when playing in the keys of E or A. It was nice to hear someone speaking in a familiar way.

I guess because we both had fingerstyle backgrounds, we came to some of the same results. Another commonality… My Om18 has 2 3/8" bridge spacing. I guess there are a few of us weirdos out here.

I loved learning about and from Jed. Thanks for the lesson!


You’re welcome! Jed’s rhythm playing is incredible and I’ll have him back in the Cabin before long to break that stuff down.


Awesome. BTW, that B shape is really useful. Slide it up two frets to cover a C#m7, and another 3 gets you back to an E5 variant.

The coolest thing I learned today was one of the simplest things covered: I love that E5 shape. I had never used that (I used the E5 shape I mentioned above), but I think that first position E5 will become a staple for me. I am literally sitting here whanging away on the first position E5with a big grin :smiley:


Spectacular Ben, simply fantastic!


Excellent lesson!

So, are either of you related to Old Joe? :slightly_smiling_face:


Such a great lesson. Thank you both!


I think old joe is at least Ben’s uncle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One of my favorite lessons! I’ve been trying to find more open chords to add some variety to my playing. Even threw a couple in over the weekend. There are a lot of songs that want an A/C#. Playing that with the open A chord sounds awesome!


Great and thoughtful lesson. Guest stars add a fun dynamic. Thanks and thumbs up.


I love it when @BanjoBen invites a guest into the cabin, I pray one day soon he will invite Marteka Lake, Jim Mullins, JD Crowe, Charlie Cushman and Russ Carson. Not all at the same time of course just as they are passing through Nashville. What am I thinking some live and work in Nashville. Get on the phone Ben, tell them you have a pot of squirrel and possum stew on the stove and grit’s in oven. That should get them running. Pun intended


Is the Jim Mullins to whom you refer of any relation to Rich?


Did I say Jim Mullins I meant Joe Mullins. Your guess is as good as mine as to where he is related to Rich…

So to avoid any further confusion here is Joe Mullins Pickin & Singin


o.my.word… the CAGED system in Bluegrass. Loving every minute of this lesson. Thank you, Ben - Jed and you are blowing the doors off for a student and myself just with these videos.