Discuss the Guitar lesson: Pick & Hand Fundamentals



This is an oldie but a goodie! We’ll discuss what type of flatpick to use and basic pick hand fundamentals to help with accuracy and speed!


This was super helpful! I’ve been playing self-taught guitar for more years than I want to admit! Now my grandson is wanting to learn and I don’t want to teach him wrong so this lesson on holding the pick has made an instant difference. Thank you Banjo Ben!!!


So my question is…do you flatpick in a hammer motion or a screwdriver twisting motion of the hand?


Both! It has to have a hammer movement to strike the string, but the screwdriver dimension to clear the strings when switching between them. Whether you anchor or not is up to you. Here is something worth your time, a short documentary of a good friend of mine, Carl Miner. Skip to the 7:00 mark to see what I’m talking about, but the whole thing is good: https://youtu.be/kMGwH5As72g


Ben…WOW what a great video…thanks for sharing.