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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Nine Pound Hammer Build-a-Break

Though this is the “advanced” version, it’s a useful learning tool for any level of player! Tabbed precisely from my best-selling instructional video, you can count on stealing some sweet licks from these pages!


EIGHT YEARS and nobody’s said nuthin’?

OK so since this song’s on the 2020 camp list, I’ve been watching this lesson over and over for a couple of months now. @BanjoBen is right! I’m gonna be “stealing some sweet licks” from this one for sure!

I really like how Ben manages to sneak in an intro like Tony Rice’s second solo (All Stars Jam stage version) stretching the first and second strings together for two beats like Heralding Trumpets announcing a Tony run. Except that Ben does it more like in the middle of the Lightning Round when he happens to be over the frets to pull it. I LOVED IT. Track’s last thirty seconds of fury is jawdropping crisp and probably technically unapproachable for me at least, but it’s a dense forest of Special that I can take a couple of runs at a time and try incorporating into a ton of stuff, albeit at a somewhat slower pace.

Even if I don’t learn all these licks, I’ve been learning a TON of technical just watching the video over and over, including Ben’s impeccable down-up picking engine and his masterful control of dynamics through the course of a thousand-rounds-a-minute-hail-of-notefire. If nothing else, the lesson’s worth that alone.

Little innocent smile as the end was catchy too.

I just can’t believe nobody else has commented on this lesson. This is gonna become my six-string hymnal for the next three months!

I’ve looked at a half dozen other versions of online instruction for this piece, and from what I’ve seen, nothing else comes close to what Ben’s teaching here. Thanks Ben!


I think a “dense forest of special” pretty well sums that up! :grinning:

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