Discuss the Guitar lesson: Lost Indian- Doc Watson Tribute



When we lost Doc Watson, we lost perhaps the greatest flatpicker and guitar slinger to ever live. This solo is a tribute to his timeless style and finesse, and I hope it did it justice! Go rest high on that mountain, Doc!


This is great Thx! Recently signed up,so this 1st tune ive taken on here, a lil over my head but so far so goood, if i can just get it up to speed now i’ll be happy!
thx again-cheers-


I’ve started learning this tune and am really loving it. I have some other questions I hope you can answer. It’s about pick position and right hand position. I started playing guitar at a very early age 5 or 6 , but never was taught anything about the way to hold a pick or how to position your right hand when playing. So, I just learned it any way I could feel comfortable with it. I place my pick between the thumb and forefinger, resting on the side of my middle finger. Even though I play banjo I’m not comfortable with my pinky bracing on the guitar. But I do find myself slightly resting my palm on the pins that hold the strings. Do you think these things will hinder me achieving any speed? BTW, I’m 65 yrs. old now and still playing.


This lesson should help you.


You’re fine to lightly rest your palm on the bridge pins…that’s what Tony did!


How did I miss this Gem of a song? Spending the afternoon playing this one along with the BU tapes. Love it! One neat thing I’ve noticed about B.Ben’s tabs, is they are always spot-on accurate in addition to being excellent arrangements; something I seldom see on the web.


Thank you! That is something that I grew impatient with when trying to learn to play something. I had bought a bunch of VHS tapes of the masters playing songs, only to find out the tab included was not accurate or well-done. I strive for my tabs to be 100% accurate and easy to read.