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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Life's Railway to Heaven

We’re gonna turn loose with this one in the key of G. It’s not fast, but there are some tricks that are challenging for anyone. It’s also full of licks that you can steal for other solos!

Measure 22 is written different than it is played.

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Hey Keith! Welcome to the board!

I see what you mean there. Ben slides both the 2nd and 4th strings down but the tab only shows the 4th string sliding down. If I had to guess, Ben probably did that because there’s no way that I know of to tab out the 2nd string first ringing and then sliding without being picked again. The software would require another 3 on the second fret to begin the slide, but the tab would make it look like you’re picking the 2nd string again.

If you need it, I can edit it the way you like and send you a copy, but it’s probably OK to just know to leave that index finger planted and slide it down, too.

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