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Discuss the Guitar lesson: John Hardy

John Hardy is an old ballad written about a rough feller that lived in the late 1800’s. This song has some great lyrics, but it’s also played quite often as an instrumental! This song was recorded by the Carter Family in 1930, so the first break in this tab is reminiscent of Carter-style guitar. However, some of my favorite versions are from Doc Watson and Tony Rice, so I thought I’d weave you another break that has some of their type of licks in it. Enjoy this great tune!

This is an amazing lesson, an oldie but a goodie. It seems like every few measures is its own little exercise; you can take any of a number of phrases from this tune, repeat it ad nauseum, and you have a reusable lick. And the thumb move? Did not see that one coming.

Thanks, Ben!

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I learned the first break before I was a member, from the YouTube sample, and got to where I could play the whole Dlick with my thumb