Discuss the Guitar lesson: Irish Washerwoman



May you have the luck of the Irish as you tackle this fun fiddle tune on guitar! There are some finger-twisters in it, but they are worth the challenge. By the way, this version matches note for note the banjo and mandolin solos, so grab a friend and have some fun!


The “dance O’ the green shoes” is often counted or syncopated by saying the words “ Rashers ‘n’ sausages “ Thanks so much Ben for this beautiful Jig!


I had watched a movie “Golden Boys” just last night and thought boy I wished Ben would post that as a lesson I never asked, so in two hours it was posted , I have the first eleven bars down and working on the speed / it is a very good jig and I like it alot. Thank you Ben for a great lesson on Irish music . you really have to do some hard listening to get the phrasing down just right enough to say you are doing it.I must say that the tune on Golden boys is not quite like Washer woman both sound great though . my ears missed it sorry .


I learned the guitar part last week while observing the banjo lesson. Its a lot easier when you have the guitar tab! Thanks Ben, A great tune ,


Did you use a thin pick for the strumming?


I used the same pick for the whole thing, myself.


Nice! Now that I have the mandolin and guitar parts down, I’ll have to learn to play with myself :blush: (duet).


I can’t access the video for this lesson . Getting the following message: “Sorry
Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.” I can play earlier lessons OK.


Disregard, problem solved. I have a privacy app that apparently was blocking it. Disabled it for the lesson and it now plays.


Awesome lesson, for many reasons. I’m curious, do you record your rhythm tracks first, or the solo tracks? I’d guess rhythm first, especially when there are multiple solos (like here), but am not sure.

However you record them, though, they’re great. Thanks!


Thanks! Yep, bass and guitar rhythm first so that I may play along with it as I record the video portions.


Awesome song and great version. I am not going to pretend I am up to speed “yet”, primarily because I can’t seem to make the stretch (measures 21 and 29) from fret 3 to 7 without leaving the 3rd fret with my first finger and jumping to the 7th fret with my 4th finger and then returning to the 3rd fret with my 2nd finger two notes later so I will be in position to play the 2nd fret with my 1st finger. Hopefully I didn’t get too confusing with the wording…lol
I took a closer look at your video and realized… my fingers just can’t quite make the stretch like yours.
Any suggestions?


It is difficult! I suggest you sub a 5th fret in place of the 7th frets. That means you’ll play the 5th twice in a row in measures 21 and 29, but it will sound cool.


You’re great, Ben. Thank you so much for allowing me to have you as a teacher.


hi Ben this is a piece i play with my accordion player she plays like lightning and now i can play smoking banjo and try to beat her!!!
thanks so much god bless


U playing a 2018 HD28?


Actually this is a 2009 75th anniversary D-28. I love it! https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/D2875th--martin-limited-edition-75th-anniversary-d-28-d-28


Those have the scalloped bracing. Nice


I tried that and it sure works for an Irish jig , Substituting the fifth fret for the 7th worked great .


With this lesson I understand why guitar players grimace.