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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Introduction to Crosspicking- You Are My Sunshine

First we’ll learn the forward and reverse crosspicking roll and use exercises to build our speed, accuracy, and strength. Then, we’ll apply these skills to a couple solos for You Are My Sunshine!

Christmas lights made from shotgun shells, nice

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I actually have my mother-in-law to thank for those :wink:

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Hi there! With flatpicking and crosspicking I tend to rest the palm of my right hand a little bit on the bridge of my guitar. Is that something you would recommend or advice to unlearn? I couldn’t find any lesson covering this sofar. Thanks in advance!

I’m not a pro, but I think as long as your palm doesn’t mute any strings that is an accepted technique, I use my pinkie, but on mando my bro uses his palm and it works, for whatever that’s worth :roll_eyes:

Btw great lesson, I learned it from the free YouTube video

Sure, I do that at times as well, and lots of players much better than me also! The main thing is that you don’t press/anchor so hard that it affects your tone negatively or impairs your movement.

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Thanks! That helps a lot

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