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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Intro to Crosspicking- Forward Roll Study

I teach you the basic components of the forward crosspicking roll, then incorporate it into “Boil Dem Cabbage Down,” a wonderful pick AND fret hand warmup!

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I just tried the first exercise and I am excited to work it into my rhythm guitar practice. Amazing possibilities. Thank you Ben. As a long time banjo player the roll is locked into my subconscious and coming out of my fingers in a different way. Feels like a head start, in a way. Just started guitar in September and love it.

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Week before last, I was looking for a lesson that covered crosspicking. I wanted to increase pick dexterity and think about using it for fill in slow of medium tempo backup and later use crosspicking in solos. I had found Hanna’s Song and played through a few times. Last Saturday I jammed my ring finger on my left hand and have been unable to play since. Major Bummer ! Thanks for the timely lesson.

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Another great lesson Ben! What kind of flatpick would you recommend for crosspicking guitar?

Man, why’d you do that? You are going to expect me to play accurate… that’s not fair :slight_smile:

jfest, a few that are commonly used around here are the ultex, primetones and blue chips (in increasing dollar value). Thickness is typically .040" to .055" (over 1 mm). Shape and size is kind of personal preference.

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Thanks! @Mike_R’s pick answer is right on :0

Ben- what model of Martin D -28 are you playing on your crosspicking video?? Sounds good!

Lessons this good don’t help my musical ADD not one bit. I sit here with banjo in lap, trying to get through another song I’ve been working on, and now all I want to do is put the banjo down and pick up the guitar.

An old timer once told me “That’s the problem with you kids. You have too many choices.” Well, he wasn’t wrong. :smiley:

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Same. I have 19 lessons ‘bookmarked’ and half way through a lesson not on this site. :man_facepalming:


Thanks! It’s a special edition D-28, the 75th Anniversary Edition made in 2009, #51. It has herringbone trim and madagascar rosewood back/sides.

I got error messages trying to download the PDFs in this lesson. :frowning: Is that an issue anyone else is having?

no problem here…

Have you gotten any downloaded before?

I’m definitely going to work on this one soon. I really love crosspicking. My first time crosspicking was when Hanna’s Song came out on the site. I have improved a lot with crosspicking since then and I have really enjoyed learning Blessed Assurance.

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Sounds melodious… A bed time song?? Even if I can’t get time to practice enough to come up to a decent speed, I can go to bed listening to this. :slight_smile: Ben’s perfectionism!

Please try refreshing your page, as well as trying another browser.

For me this happens in Chrome and MSIE. I just close the browser, reopen and log in and all is good good again.

This is the first of Ben’s lessons (that I know of) that methodically goes position by position up the neck for guitar. More of this please @BanjoBen! Would be great to get a Bag O Licks lesson for each position!

Can anyone recommend other lessons on this site that go position by position up the neck for guitar? I might’ve missed one somewhere.

Thanks so much!


Great request, @davidsoleil!


Have worked a lot on this lesson and have got the concepts. Am scratching my head though as to how and when I could encorporate this into my playing. Maybe I’m simple I don’t get it. Thanks.

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Sure, I’ll help! What are a few of your favorite songs to pick?

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