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Discuss the Guitar lesson: I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Here’s a beautiful and FUN crosspicking guitar solo for the gospel favorite, “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.” We’ll also spend some time talking about crosspicking-type rhythm and how to make it sound just right!


Great tone on that Eastman! Is that completely natural? Or through a pickup? Or anything?

What model?

I think it’s an E8d recorded through the shure mic that he always uses

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Thanks! That’s the E8D with just some normal effects I normally use (a bit of compression, EQ, and reverb, but not too much). What great guitars!

I’m having trouble finding the tab for this tune on a guitar???

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Hi Larrel @lgboling1945
Try going here

Scroll down to under the video…

On the right, under “Resources” you should find the links to the tablature


@lgboling1945 Welcome to the forum. You should see the tabs on the bottom right of the lesson page: