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Discuss the Guitar lesson: How to Read Guitar Tab

There are two basic parts of reading tabs: 1) The notes themselves, 2) The timing of each note! Let’s learn to do both.

In this lesson of tab is the rest associated with dotted note in notation

If I’m following your question correctly, the rest in tab is the same as a rest in standard notation. I’m no music reading guru (play practically everything by ear) but I believe a dotted note in standard notation means to stretch that note out by 1/2 of the duration of the note itself. So, a 1/4 dotted note would be played 1/4 + 1/8.

To my knowledge, rests are the same in standard notation and tab.


Hi Jeremy

If you haven’t studied Mr G’s Theory Course yet I would encourage you to do so asap. In part 5 of the course Mr G goes into some detail on tied notes and dotted notes.


Thank you for the help Archie, found those lessons and answered my questions.


Thanks Mark!

Your very welcome Jeremy. Glad to be of asistance

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Y’all are awesome, thanks!

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How long should I stay on one lesson before moving on. I am doing ok with this but have been sticking with it for about 10 days to try and get my rhythm correct. Should I stay with it until I am very consistent or should I move on and the rythem will come to me in future lessons.

I wouldn’t spend so much time on the beginning lessons that you lose interest. Just get the basics committed to memory and then move on to something more fun / challenging.

I like to say quality over quantity, but even I get tired of playing the same old stuff after a while. If you feel yourself losing interest, mix it up. It won’t hurt a thing.


What @Mark_Rocka said!