Discuss the Guitar lesson: Guitar Bends with Zeb Snyder



Zeb is a certified guitar slinger, and today it’s all about the bends! We’ll learn what bends are, how to play them, then put them to use in four incredibly hot licks!


Well that goes really well with all of the scuba talk going on right now.




Going shopping… gonna get some light strings and a tank of pure nitrogen :smiley:


Now that was a FUN lesson… It’s times like these that I wished I could play guitar. Thak you Zeb for visiting @BanjoBen 's Cabin and sharing your knowledge and skills. Very entertaining.


Though I can figure most of it out, where is the tab to the 4 or 5 breaks to 9 pound hammer? Great breaks hear a little Clarence and Tony in there. More of Zeb would be great.




I’ll pay you $10 to tab it out!


I just watched the preview; that tab is worth 15$ at least :joy: that’s a sweet geetar zebs pickin, I’ve never played a takamine I didn’t like. Nfi (unfortunately)


We already have plans to get together again soon!


pretty darn good picking, something way beyond my ability I am pushing almost 80 years old been playing since I was 14 but age has caught up with me and with Mr Arthur Itis in my hands I cant play like that never could in the first place I have my own style but want to say to all the younger persons out there learn it while you can because in a few years some of you will be visited my Mr Artur Itis and will attack your hands and fingers


Wow! Starting to lose some callouses while messing with those hot licks. Thanks @BanjoBen and Zeb!


Come on Ben. You can take him.


Gotta tell you right now Ben, you have taken a pretty dull subject and turned it into a World’s Fair of fun. Where’s my funnel cake?


I stole this first bend and incorporated it as an ending to your version of “Deck The Halls” Works out pretty good with a few modifications.