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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Common Major Chords

Hey and welcome! I’m sure there are, but I’m not an expert there and I don’t feel confident giving you specific exercises beyond the common hand/wrist exercises you may find online. I’m proud of the progress you’ve made and hope it continues! I’m honored to have you on board and thank you so much for the kind words. The F chord is a tough one, yes, and it’s in the “top 6” chords to know to play bluegrass. The B7 will suffice for most any need for B in bluegrass.

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For the F chord, why do bluegrass guitarists tend to just bar the first two strings? Is it for speed or is there another reason?

That’s always how the F is played. It’s not just bluegrass. It’s the best way to fret it.

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One more bad habit I’m going to have to unlearn somehow!

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You can do it! I remember first learning the barred F chord and thinking it was the hardest thing I’d ever tried to do on the guitar. But then it all of a sudden gets easy. And there’s no better time to fix a bad habit than now, before it gets more cemented.


Yeah, I think there’s a speed aspect to it, but also you can choose to not fret the 3rd string for a suspended chord. You can also do all kinds of other customizations to the chord that you can’t do if doing the full barre chord.